Re: Removing xrdb for 10% startup win?

John Rice wrote:
Lorenzo - I built Erwann's patch for JDS on Solaris 10 and saw a reduction from 10 xrdb calls in gnome-settings on startup to 3 :) If you aren't seeing the multiple xrdb calls maybe this is Solaris specific.

Actually, I was wrong: I see multiple calls to xrdb too, it's just that they don't show up in the bootchart because they don't last long enough (bootchart by default purges processes that are active for less than 0.4s).

Will give your mcpp idea a spin and see what effect that has.

Yesterday I posted a patch to fd.o bugzilla which makes xrdb use mcpp by default if available at runtime:

I don't know if you use the same code for xrdb, but if you do you might want to try the patch out.


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