Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server branched

Hi Harish,

(I've picked this from a response by Luis Villa :)

On Wednesday at 16:34, Luis Villa wrote:

> On 8/31/05, Harish Krishnaswamy <kharish novell com> wrote:
>> hi,
>>  The gnome-2-12 branch for Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server has been
>> created. This would be the stable branch for Evolution 2.4 and
>> Evolution-Data-Server 1.4

Please don't forget to CC gnome-i18n and gnome-docs-list when creating
new branches, especially this close to a release, since we may still
work on HEAD not knowing that we need to switch! 

Translators, Evolution and Evolution Data Server have been branched
for Gnome 2.12, so please use that and merge back any translations you
did in a last couple of days!  Translation status pages should show
new branches when they update.


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