Re: Removing xrdb for 10% startup win?

Lorenzo - I built Erwann's patch for JDS on Solaris 10 and saw a reduction from 10 xrdb calls in gnome-settings on startup to 3 :) If you aren't seeing the multiple xrdb calls maybe this is Solaris specific. Gave me about a 1 second improvement over a 15 sec gnome-session start to notification-area-applet start though in reality gain is probably much smaller looking at the boochart data, but every bit helps as they say. []

Will give your mcpp idea a spin and see what effect that has.


Lorenzo Colitti wrote:

Bastien Nocera wrote:

These seem both to be a little bit old and are not packaged by many distributions. As an alternative, I've been looking at mcpp:

It's more recent, about 93k in size, and reads no external libraries. Replacing cpp with mcpp decreases startup time by ~1s on my system.

Is that with or without Erwann's changes to avoid calling xrdb a
gazillion times?

Without, but it doesn't really matter because you only take the performance hit when you load cpp the first time. After that it's in cache and it loads fast...

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