GNOME Power Manager (and 2.14?)

Davyd Madeley wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 13:57 -0400, JP Rosevear wrote:
> > 2. The extra settings like DPMS need to be exposed like in
> > or move somewhere appropriate
> Indeed. This functionality (especially DPMS off) is crucial in a
> of scenarios (including laptop power saving). It would be most
> to have this moved into a power management capplet, perhaps powered by
> the GNOME Power Manager or some other daemon.

Sure, g-p-m fits the bill, it already integrates with gnome-screensaver
really well. Plus, it works right now.

> It would be similarly excellent to add support for things like dimming
> your screen after 5 minutes (ala Apple) and so on. Of course, most of
> this will be the perview of the power manager (Richard, are you
> proposing we integrate G-P-M into 2.14?).

Well probably not. The codebase is pretty stable now (bugfixes are
coming in thick and fast..), but there was talk of merging
gnome-volume-manager and gnome-power-manager into a
"gnome-hardware-manager" type session daemon. 

I'm indifferent to this idea, as it has it's pros and cons, but I think
this is probably a *long term* plan, i.e. not one that's viable in the
next 6-12 months. And it might never happen.

If the consensus is that g-p-m should go into 2.14, I'll nominate it and
we can take it from there.


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