User Switching in 2.14

I'd like to get fast-user switching functionality into 2.14. There are
two paths, the easy way, by just including the by-now-stable FUSA applet
( ) I maintain in the Desktop Release -- it
already ships in breezy universe. Alternately, the code (some of which
is already used in gnome-screensaver) can be merged directly into the

The current applet doesn't work with KDM, but the backend exists behind
a set of objects so it's easy enough to add such a feature (or move all
*DM IPC to D-BUS) in the future without horribly breaking things or
requiring changes outside the backend objects.

At any rate, if the former is the way to go, I can add pages to the wiki
and do whatever else needs to be done to get FUSA into that state
(obviously, pointers on what I need to do are helpful, particularly
regarding the wiki).

If the latter is the preferred option, I help with/do that as well,
though how user switching should integrate with the panel is an open
question -- moving the applet menu to a "Switch To" submenu under the
System/Desktop/{whatever it's called this release ;-)} menu seems like a
natural fit to me, but other opinions are obviously welcome.


    James Cape
    Space Monkey, 3rd Degree
    Project Mayhem

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