Custom Icons for GNOME Terminal Profiles


Does anyone actually use this feature? So far, it seems like most people
don't even know it exists. Most everyone I've asked so far, has said
that they didn't know about the feature, so I can only extrapolate that
it holds true for an even larger sample than I've asked.

I'd like to make gnome-terminal use the icon theme to get the terminal
icon, but I am not sure if I should just make it use the icon theme,
without removing the current extra functionality for custom icons, or
if I should just rip it out. It seems like very few people if any would
use this, and it's easy to create custom icon themes, even easier, if
I also make it comply with the naming spec. So, the best solution seems
like I should remove it, as it would simplify the UI a bit. What do
other people think?

-- dobey

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