Re: Custom Icons for GNOME Terminal Profiles

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Rodney Dawes wrote:

> So,
> Does anyone actually use this feature? So far, it seems like most people
> don't even know it exists. Most everyone I've asked so far, has said
> that they didn't know about the feature, so I can only extrapolate that
> it holds true for an even larger sample than I've asked.

I didn't know it existed, but now that you mention it, I would like to
try it.

> I'd like to make gnome-terminal use the icon theme to get the terminal
> icon, but I am not sure if I should just make it use the icon theme,
> without removing the current extra functionality for custom icons, or
> if I should just rip it out. It seems like very few people if any would
> use this, and it's easy to create custom icon themes, even easier, if
> I also make it comply with the naming spec. So, the best solution seems
> like I should remove it, as it would simplify the UI a bit. What do
> other people think?
> -- dobey

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