Re: Proposing gobby?

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 10:42:34AM +0800, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 19:15 +0100, Philipp Kern wrote:
> > > Collaborative editing is an application many people don't seem to have
> > > realised is possible with their computers; I think having it available
> > > such that two GNOME users can easily start a collaborative session
> > > together would be massively beneficial.
> I agree that this is a very cool and useful feature.
> > I agree, and I also thought about asking for integration. It's just  
> > that Gnome already has GEdit as a general purpose editor. It's sad  
> > that the plugin architecture just wasn't good enough for us when we  
> > started the project. It seemed easier to actually reinvent the wheel.
> This suggests that the gedit plugin architecture today could be used to
> implement a collaborative editor on top of libobby, is that the case?
> > We release a new candidate, 0.3.0rc1, today and 0.3.0 will be ready  
> > within the next weeks. There are some rumours that there are some  
> > users even in the Free Software Foundation.
> Gobby is a very cool application, but I don't think it is a good
> candidate for Desktop. Not in its current state.
> The litmus test for inclusion should not be "this application is cool",
> but "is this application useful to everyone and does it integrate
> tightly".

I beleive that statement is wrong, many things in GNOME are not useful
to *everyone*, some kind of compromise needs to be made between "usefull
for 1 person" and "usefull for every person on the planet"

I think it should be more like "This application can be usefull to many
people and integrates tightly"

I do agree with the rest tho, and I certainly agree that a plugin to
gedit would be awesome, I also heard of some integration to
abiword/gnumeric/etc that would rock, esp from gnumeric as I'm doing
some things at work at the moment where having a collaborative
spreadsheet in gobby style would be saving me much pain :)


> By including gobby into the desktop, we now have an ordinary editor and
> a collaborative editor. This will only serve to highlight a lack of
> integration and people would only ask why we couldn't have an 'Edit
> Together' button in the text editor.
> Standing on its own, it does not have that problem.
> I want to reiterate again, that inclusion in Desktop is not the most
> mighty goal a project can achieve. I think we can still give excellent
> press through GNOME Journal "Application in Focus" articles which we
> then link off the main page of the website. We could do this for a
> number of applications: F-spot, Beagle, Gobby, Gossip, Banshee...
> anything that is currently popular. Perhaps in an interview format with
> one or many of the developers.
> In summary: Gobby application: excellent. Gobby technology: excellent.
> Having two text editors in GNOME: not excellent.
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