Re: GNOME preferred VoIP apps setup

Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:

However, please make the UI HIG-compliant, because right now you are using frames (e.g. "Default SIP client") while the Gnome HIG requires them to not be any frames, but instead bold headers with indented text below it.

Thank you for pointing me to GNOME HIG. As i'm a newbie, it's not something i'm famililar with and it was the kind of feeback i was waiting for. Do you refer to ? If so, as i understand this section, i can use frames, but not with borders. Am i right ?

Please find attached a mockup I made that it's HIG-compliant.

Thank you very much. Your mockup is nice, indeed. I'm going to modify the code accordingly.

All the best,

Julien Gilli

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