GNOME preferred VoIP apps setup


I've posted something about this on gnomecc-list gnome org and as a
comment to the bug #171872 . Since i got no feedback, i decided to post
on this list, hoping to get some more :-). Feel free to point me to somewhere else more appropriate.

I've made a small hack to manage the various VoIP clients that handle
different protocols easily with the GNOME control center.

I've posted a blog entry about this here : . I don't know if my proposal is worth
the effort, but i would appreciate any feedback on this.

Someone on #gnome-love told me about telepathy ( ). It seems to be pretty promising and
the right thing to do in the future. However, such an elegant solution
would take time to come up with.

I've also read . So my
blog entry may be my answer to the "Are other categories needed?"
question :-).

I'll update the Wiki page if
you think that VoIP clients should be part of the GNOME setup.

Thank you very much for your attention.

All the best,

Julien Gilli

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