Re: GNOME preferred VoIP apps setup

Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:

I found a few more problems with your latest mockup. I have fixed the UI discrepancies in the attached mockup. Changes that must be made: 1. Trim a bit of the space between the two input boxes in each section. Use my spacing guideline to fit the "main body" of the window on 500 pixels vertically.

What are the "two input boxes in each section" ? Do you mean the combo box and the text entry in front of, respectively, "Select" and "Custom" ?
I tried to do this, let me know how it's better now.

2. The bold headers are not black! They are magenta! This is not correct, they must use the same color as the main font.

I agree. However, i don't see anyway to change this color. Actually, i don't specify any. I should try a bit more, there must be a way to achieve this.

3. Move the bold headers and their widget/text below them 5-6 pixels on the left. Each new widget must start between 10 and 12 pixels from the beginning of a window/notebook/tab vertical line.

Do you mean that the "Select" label should begin betwen 10 and 12 pixels from the beginning of a window ? Or is it for the frame title "Default Sip Client", etc. ?

4. The input boxes were a bit too short. Make them end about 15-16 pixels before the end of the notebook/tab line.

Ok, doing this and point 3 together will require a bit of work.

5. The "help" and "close" buttons are not aligned exactly to the notebook/tab's vertical lines.

The buttons are contained in a widget that seems to be not very customizable. I can't figure out of to modify its look and feel.

The updated screenshot on only try to fix the first point. Fixing the others seems a bit tricky for me now, and it will be a lot easier (and more fun) to implement the specific applications support (evolution, gaim, etc.).

Moreover, someone else started to re-implement this little app, so i'd have to start all over again ( see , and

For now, i will go on my way and attach a patch to the current code in a bugzilla entry. If Luca Cavalli is willing to let me work on his reimplementation, i'll drop my idea and help him on his rewrite.

I'll keep you in touch, thank you _very_ much for your attention.

All the best,

Julien Gilli

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