Making GNOME crash


The next releases of glib (HEAD and glib-2-8) will support a new debug
flag for the G_DEBUG environment variable: fatal_criticals. This make
the program crash on critical warnings.

I propose to use this nice feature during the development cycles to help
eradicate all these critical warnings. I made a simple patch for

Why? Well, we currently have critical warnings in a lot of modules. And
we don't care since we don't notice them. With this, we could easily
notice them and have nice stack traces to fix them. This should result
in less bugs.

Does it make the desktop unusable? Well, the wncklet-applet crashes [1],
it seems bug-buddy crashes on Fedora [2] and, err, I can't use
evolution ;-) More crashes are expected, but I think the sooner we fix
the critical warnings, the better.

What do you think?

[1] with a patch


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