Re: Making GNOME crash

On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 17:39 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:

> The next releases of glib (HEAD and glib-2-8) will support a new debug
> flag for the G_DEBUG environment variable: fatal_criticals. This make
> the program crash on critical warnings.

I'm all for this.

One thing we discussed on IRC is to have a flag day or deadline for
making the change.  For example:

- From today until December 1st, each hacker is to enable this flag by
hand, and fix the bugs that result.

- On December 1st, we turn on this flag on CVS so that irresponsible
modules will start crashing.  From that date until the code freeze, we
fix those bugs.

The first step should provide us with the conscience that things *will*
crash, but at least it's early during this release cycle.

There's one remaining issue; I've CCed Michael for this purpose:

- Components loaded through bonobo-activation-server get their stderr
sent to /dev/null.  Michael, how can we make this get sent to the usual
pipes, so that stuff will end up in ~/.xsession-errors?

  Federico, who is guilty of a critical warning in the file chooser...

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