Hosting your blog on

I mentioned this in my blog but a number of people didn't see it, so
I'll re-mention here. We've setup so that anyone with a
GNOME cvs account can request an account to host their blog there. The
URL would be (e.g. 

We're using NewsBruiser which has a number of nice features such as an
RSS importer (so you can transition from an existing blog realy
quickly), nice web form for adding blog entries, ability to upload
images as part of a blog entry, trackbacks, comments (which you can
disable), a nice web-based configuration system, works with blog posting
software that supports Metaweblog (such as gnome-blog), customizable
appearance (we also include three stock "gnome" themes you can choose
from if you don't want to do the templates/css yourself), etc. Its also
easy to get your data back out of NewsBruiser if you decide you want to
host your blog yourself sometime in the future.

Anyway, if you want an account e-mail seth gnome org or jrb redhat com
(or ping us on IRC) with your username and we'll set
things up for you.


seth nickell :: interaction designer :: red hat

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