Re: The hall of bloat

Mark, very interesting information.  I saw your bug report in b.g.o

Since this fix was in ORBit2, I suppose that many others apps will
benefit from this improvement, right?.  If so, which ones?.

Reading your little chat with the kernel guys it seems that there is
little benefit (or none) in reducing VM Size, why is that?

Besides, I'd like to know if there have been some progress about the
memory reduction effort, it seems a bit quiet.  Any way I think G2.12
will be great.



El mar, 10-05-2005 a las 11:23 +0100, Mark McLoughlin escribi� Hi,
> On Mon, 2005-05-09 at 19:39 -0500, William Lovaton wrote:
> > The following chart shows the memory consumption by programs as shown by
> > gnome-system-monitor.  The first value is the virtual memory size and
> > the value in parenthesis is the resident size.  Both values are in
> > megabytes.  The first section of the table will show the processes
> > started by default when you log into gnome which correspond to the
> > "Memory usage after login" field in the previous table.
> > 
> > 		FC4T2 (G2.10)	FC3 (G2.8)
> > 		-------------	----------
> > gnome-panel	31.6 (9.9)	22.0 (10.8)
> 	Okay, after some poking around it seems that one big chunk of this
> increase in virtual memory size is ORBit's IO thread which is defaulting
> to a stack size of 10M. That's something we'll need to look further at,
> for sure.
> Cheers,
> Mark.
> P.S. - I thought it would be interesting for others if I share my 
>        little escapade with others on figuring out some of this.

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