We need working docs


It seems that a lot of the help buttons in various apps/applets/panel
aren't hooked up correctly. This would (hopefully) be a nice and easy
task to complete before 2.10.2 goes out. My testing shows that the
following help buttons are broken: (this is on a FC4 test release with
gnome-user-docs installed)

- panel context menu
- add to panel dialog
- show desktop button context menu
- window chooser applet context menu
- panel properties dialog
- nautilus backgrounds and emblems dialog
- nautilus properties dialog
- nautilus file properties dialog
- nautilus-cd-burner opens the top level nautilus manual instead of the
section about burning cds

- sound preference dialog
- ui preference dialog
- mouse preference dialog

These are just examples, and opening the nautilus user manual and trying
to click on anything in the left hand index also produces the same kinds
of errors where it can't find the section in question...

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