gnome-desktop vs. libgnomeui


I was looking at this bug:

It happens when you visit "smb://" from a GtkFileChooser, or when you go
to a folder that has .desktop files in it.  The file chooser should
handle .desktop files as if they were symlinks, but it doesn't.

The solution would be simple:  just make gtkfilesystemgnomevfs.c use the
gnome_desktop_item_*() functions.

However, these functions live in the gnome-desktop module, which depends
on libgnomeui.  Since GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS lives in libgnomeui, it
can't use the gnome_desktop_item_*() functions.

The README in gnome-desktop says that the functions there are not in
libgnome and libgnomeui because they haven't got enough testing yet.
Given that we've lived with gnome-desktop since 2002, we should move it
into libgnome and libgnomeui as appropriate pretty soon.  Or am I
overlooking something?

To fix the file chooser in 2.10, I'm thinking of just copying
gnome-desktop-item.c and renaming all the functions... argh.


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