Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution Maintainership

Hi All,

  It is indeed a great honor as well as a huge responsibility for
me to assume the stewardship of the Evolution project.

As I pause to reflect on this moment, I am filled with pride and
gratitude. Over the last 4-5 years, Evolution has earned its cherished
place in the GNOME desktop as a great piece of software as well as
a community of hackers spanning all the corners of the world, from
Australia to Canada.

Also, Evolution is now interestingly poised for reaching greater heights.
The emergence of evolution-data-server module witnessed a blossom of
GNOME applications accessing Evolution's calendaring and address
book information, driving new possibilities for Desktop integration.
EPlugins also helped us redraw the horizons of what hackers could do with
Evolution - Extend and Add without having to grapple with too much of
information or learning about the core application.

It is one of my primary goals to continue to steer the project to
become more friendlier for the GNOME hackers to embrace and extend
Evolution and integrate with their own applications. The core team
would focus on better documentation, tutorials for starters,
strengthening evolution-sharp and the support for mono eplugins,
leveraging the wiki to listen better and share thoughts with the

The 2.4 release would be driven primarily on the mantra of 'quality
over features' - we would devote our energies in doing the basics
better and cleaner.

I wish to thank everybody who have been helping us shape the future
of the project by participating in the discussions on the wiki
( I request the others to join us as well and
help in making Evolution, the best and the most loved  mail/calendaring/
addressbook groupware client in the world .

It is also a great opportunity for me, personally, to interact and work
with all of you. I look forward to an exciting time hacking, having fun
and scaling greater heights, together.

See you all in GUADEC later this month !


Harish Krishnaswamy (
Novell, Inc. (

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