Proposing GNOME Keyring Manager for GNOME 2.12

Hi list:

I would like to propose GNOME Keyring Manager for inclusion in the GNOME
2.12 Desktop. This proposal may be a bit early, but I'm hoping that with
more exposure, any issues with g-k-m can be fixed in time for 2.12.

GNOME Keyring Manager was proposed for GNOME 2.8 [1] and 2.10 [2]. The
main issues against g-k-m during the 2.7 development cycle were its
poor UI and lack of documentation. A new UI was created during the 2.9
development cycle, but the lack of any active development on g-k-m
during this time prevented its inclusion in the desktop release.

We now have the new user interface design integrated into the program,
and the code is under active development. Some functionality from the
original design is lacking, but this will be fixed during the 2.11

Documentation is still lacking, but I promise to order shaunm a CD if
he helps me write it.

Anyone wanting to try out gnome-keyring-manager can download the latest
version from:



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