Re[2]: gdm2 string freeze breakage

> 1. "Chinese" or "Chinese (simplified)" (pick one which is more
> appropriate)
> 2. "Chinese (Hong Kong)"
> 3. "Chinese (Taiwan)"
> Basically, if Chinese is not written in "traditional" way anywhere
> else, I'm almost certain that we're safe with this, but you guys
> certainly know better than I do.
I would suggest distinguish Chinese (Hong Kong) by the actual content
of zh_HK. If Abel is transating it into Cantonese, the better list is
Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Traditional).

Abel> Using geographical name should be able to avoid all those "official name"
Abel> arguments, as well as listing the names in balanced manner -- otherwise
Abel> it is sort of like
If geographical names be used, I would suggest "Taiwan Island" instead
of "Taiwan".

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