Re: New external dependency: iso-codes ?

Στις 07/Μάρ/2005, ημέρα Δευτέρα και ώρα 20:15, ο/η Christian Persch
> Hi,
> I'd like to add a new external dependency to GNOME Desktop: the
> "iso-codes" package. It's available from cvs
> [] and tarball
> [].
> Using this package will remove the duplicated translations of language
> and country names from GNOME programs. Epiphany and Galeon already have
> support for iso-codes (optional dependency atm), and there's a bug with
> patch to make gedit's spell-check using it too
> [].
> If nobody objects, I'm going to go ahead and make it a hard dependency
> for Epiphany, and add the module to the gnome-2.12 jhbuild moduleset.

The ISO codes package is being translated under the Translation Project
and listed at
See the isoXXXX translation domains in the middle of the page.

The relation between the two (Translation Project and iso-codes) is that
the former is higher upstream. Translators deal with the Translation
Project and regularly the guy from Debian makes a release of the
translations. Is that correct?

Another package from the Translation Project, xkeyboard-config is used
by gswitchit, the keyboard switching tool in GNOME, to provide the names
of the keyboards in the local language. I am not sure if such a
dependancy exists already. 
Sergey (author of gswitchit)?

It looks more canonical to me to make the dependancy to the Translation


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