Re: New external dependency: iso-codes ?

Hi Simos,

Today at 22:01, Simos Xenitellis wrote:

> It looks more canonical to me to make the dependancy to the Translation
> Project.

You got it a bit mixed up :)

Translation Project (TP) is basically for other programs what GTP is
for Gnome: a translation project.  You cannot "add a dependency" on
GTP for any software module, because it's not software, it's a group
of people and some infrastructure :)

The discussion here was whether to make iso-codes build- and run-time
dependencies of Gnome software.  That can be done several ways, and
one is to make it a "soft" dependency (everything would work fine even
if it's not there, except there might be no translations), or "hard"
dependency (package won't install if a hard dependency is not

For example, xkeyboard-config translations are a soft dependency of
Gnome keyboard preferences: you get untranslated layout names if
xkb-config is not included.


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