Re: roadmap status update/update request

<quote who="Alan Cox">

> There is huge pressure to create vendor-brand but the foundation trademark
> fiasco caused most of what you are complaining about.

Sorry, but that's a massive overstatement. The trademark issues are unclear,
but there are plenty of GNOME logos in the distros. If this was more about
trademark than branding, it would've been sorted out under great pressure a
long time ago.

Yes, I totally agree that the trademark situation is unfortunate (you may be
overstating it in particular because you were wildly unhappy with one of the
DRAFT trademark agreements that no one else liked anyway), but let's not go
over the top about it.

- Jeff

-- 2005: April 19th  
  "I allege that SCO is full of it, and that the Linux process is already
   the most transparent process in the whole industry." - Linus Torvalds

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