Re: roadmap status update/update request

Perhaps a "feature request" feature could be implemented into the
GNOME desktop, similar to bug buddy.

I have not thought about the user interface, but it would be very easy
to get some metadata from the user, with questions like 'What
application is the a feature request for'', etc.

All these feature requests could be fed straight into a single
database on, or filed in the relevant module in bugzilla as
low priority enhancments. Whether the feature requests go to bugzilla
or a seperate database is of no interest to the user, they just want
their feature requests to be read by developers.

If the requests go into bugzilla, then triaging would mark duplicates,
and the most requested features would show up in searches for the most
reported bugs.

If the requests go to a seperate database, then sorting the data
beyond the metadata supplied by the user becomes an issue. A new
database system would have to be designed for this task, and it would
have to mirror many of the features provided by bugzilla.

If I were implementing this system, I would make bug-buddy add an
extra item to the [foot|appliction|action|places|whatever] menu,
titled 'Request a Feature'. This diaglogue box would ask the user what
program it is for, let them fill out a breif description, and put it
straight into the relevant bugzilla module as a low priority

Best Regards,

Marc O'Morain

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