Re: roadmap status update/update request


Damon Chaplin wrote:
Maybe a simple feedback questionnaire on would be a start
(avoiding the issue of voting), e.g.

It might be interesting for someone to study the effectiveness of the various systems of feedback currently available to the non-geek user. And then make recommendations for a better approach. Until then we just go around in circles.

How do we define effectiveness? Is the primary goal to empower the user or help improve the system? And perhaps one of the biggest problems, how can you ever get positive feedback so that the sample pool is not distorted?

How can we study end-user behavior objectively without human interaction?

Actual humans become frustrated when they feel voiceless/powerless. How can we open channels? Create a Whack-A-Gnome/Kiss-A-Gnome game and try to correlate the ratio of smacks/smooches to user discontentment? Ok, I'm joking.

PS. Do system like actually work?


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