Re: gdm2 string freeze breakage


There has recently been an unannounced string freeze breakage in the
string frozen gdm2 HEAD branch.

There are two affected messages. First of all, it is this added message:

	#: gui/gdmlanguages.c:83
	msgid "A-M|Chinese (HongKong)"

That addition broke string freeze. As much as we'd like to have entries
for locales added to the GDM login screen, right *now* (almost four
weeks into the string freeze, well into the hard code freeze, and four
days from the .0 release) is a very bad time to add an additional

Apologies.  I've backed out this change.  I didn't realize that this
was a string freeze issue.

Furthermore, it is this message:

	#: gui/gdmsetup.c:2191
	msgid "_Remove Theme"

The relevant parts of the big ChangeLog entry seems to be these:

	Fri Mar 04 12:50:00 2005  Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun Com>

        * gui/gdmsetup.c: Mark "Remove Theme" for translation.
        * gui/gdmlanguages.c: Add zh_HK and remove <span> tags
          in language display since they were causing formatting
          problems for some users.

The second message was in order to fix a bug where a message hadn't
previously been marked for translation, and as such it isn't really a
string freeze breakage. But we still want translators to be notified
when such things happen. No notice has been sent to translators in this
I suggest that the message stays in though, although translators should
at the very least have been given some warning.

Apologies for not sending out a notification.  I didn't realize that
you needed to send out a notice for marking a string for translation.
I thought you only needed to send notification when adding new strings.
I will be more careful in the future.

The first message is a string freeze breaking change -- I suggest it be
reverted immediately. This is not the time for such additions. Perhaps
we can discuss it again for GNOME 2.10.1, but for now it should be

The first message has been backed out.


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