Re: roadmap status update/update request

Bugzilla supports voting out of the box; we've previously discussed this
and decided it wasn't in our best interests.  A feature will be
implemented if and only if there is a developer who wants to implement
it, regardless of the number of votes it's received.


On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 08:11 -0800, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> >Contact them directly (if they let you)
> Well, we need to contact them first to let us know if they allow us to 
> contact them. :-D
> Anyways, I have an idea. What about if I write a php engine that lists the 
> 50 or 100 more wanted feature requests as found in bugzilla (should take me 
> 1-2 days to go through most of them), and then have people vote for them up 
> to three options? This way we would have a poll that's more detailed than 
> current poll engines could handle, and it would draw its options from 
> bugzilla so they are not just irrelevant random stuff. The poll would be 
> open for 1-2 weeks, and then devs could take a look.  I could host the poll 
> on osnews (on a special page, like or something) or on 
> if the webmaster could give me access or takes care of the mysql 
> admin part for me.
> So, would this work for you? Would the gnome devs take under consideration 
> the poll and implement the most-wanted features, or would I waste my time?
> thx,
> Eugenia
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