Re: roadmap status update/update request

Contact them directly (if they let you)

Well, we need to contact them first to let us know if they allow us to contact them. :-D

Anyways, I have an idea. What about if I write a php engine that lists the 50 or 100 more wanted feature requests as found in bugzilla (should take me 1-2 days to go through most of them), and then have people vote for them up to three options? This way we would have a poll that's more detailed than current poll engines could handle, and it would draw its options from bugzilla so they are not just irrelevant random stuff. The poll would be open for 1-2 weeks, and then devs could take a look. I could host the poll on osnews (on a special page, like or something) or on if the webmaster could give me access or takes care of the mysql admin part for me.

So, would this work for you? Would the gnome devs take under consideration the poll and implement the most-wanted features, or would I waste my time?


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