Re: ***SPAM*** ***SPAM*** Re: Default Theme Progress

On Tue, 01 Mar 2005 11:52:54 +0000, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
<gjc inescporto pt> wrote:
> >Removing the insetting makes the theme look so flat and old and boring that
> >it ain't even funny:
> >
> >Please, don't remove the insettiness/color of the menu. Leave it as is.
>   I did not mean to take the inset, I meant to turn it into an outset.
> Inset is different and may look fun to you, but 85% of themes out there
> have an _outset_ menu bar, so that's what users are used to.

I haven't had any comments to date that mention something wrong with
the inset menubar. Since Clearlooks is highest rated at, I wonder if the inset menubar really hurts Clearlooks
instead of doing it good.

So unless much more people will come out and make clear to me that an
inset menubar is bad, I don't think changing it is such a good idea.

>  How would
> you feel if all of the sudden gtk buttons became inset?  Weird, right?

Not sure, I haven't experimented with that yet. But you inspire me!

Kind regards,
Richard Stellingwerff.

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