Re: Default Theme Progress

  Though Clearlooks is a very pleasant theme overall, I find that
_inset_ menu bar definitely weird, and contrasts with just about any
other theme out there.  It gives me a strange and uncomfortable feeling
looking at that menu bar :|

it is a gtkrc option, so we could turn it off for the default theme.

Honestly, that's one of the _best_ features of ClearLooks and it should *not* be removed. If you remove this, you just end up with "yet another good looking theme". It's little usability details like this that makes the ClearLooks different and draw me into it in the first place.

The inset menu bar, having a different color and border, makes it stand out from the main body of a window or the toolbar. On BeOS DR series the menu had bold fonts. Mac OS X has the menu on a different level than the rest of the app too. The menu has to stand out because otherwise feels like a bunch of characters in a row (like a status bar), rather than something clickable and usable. The fact that no other used that in the Unix world so far should not be a limiting factor.

Removing the insetting makes the theme look so flat and old and boring that it ain't even funny:
Please, don't remove the insettiness/color of the menu. Leave it as is.


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