Did you send a patch, or did you send a code snippet that Calum had
to merge in manually?

It was a code snippet, I am not an un/official Gnome developer to have or need Gnome's source code around to make diffs. I simply edited the gtkrc to create a more usable Default/Raleigh theme and I sent it to Calum for evaluation (it was only 3-4 lines). I also sent him a screenshot showing him the points of why this small change can help the usability with that specific theme. I then kindly asked him to incorporate the change if he also felt as I did. He said that he would.

I was installing the new versions of gnome-themes to see the change, to no avail. I sent him an email on December to ask for the status of the change, but I got no reply.

Next I know, months later, the change was applied to the wrong theme.

I suspect that the problem here is the confusion with the name. Gnome should not have a theme that's shipping with, called "Default", while it's not the default. I am sure that's how Callum got confused.


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