On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 10:01 -0800, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
>>It was a patch from Eugenia that I applied six months ago, that I said
>>I'd revert if people complained.
>That's why my change was never visible on my updates of the gnome-themes 
>package! Because you placed the code I sent you on the wrong theme so I 
>never had a chance to see it! I sent you the patch for the "Default" theme 
>(aka Raleigh in the Red Hat world), not for the "Simple" theme!
>I can understand where the confusion started (having a theme called 
>"Default" and yet not being the default theme of Gnome), but you could have 
>reply to me to my email I sent you some months ago asking for the status of 
>the change. I was clear that the change is for the "Default/Raleigh" theme, 
>I even sent you a screenshot of it, I really don't know how it ended up on 
>Anyways, could you please remove the  change from the Simple theme (which 
>was not meant for) and place it on the "Default" theme instead?

I don't understand.  How exactly did you send a "patch" that Calum was
able to apply it to the wrong file?  When people send me patches, I

patch -p0 < some-patch.diff

I mean, how does this go wrong?  You create a patch with

cvs diff -u > some-patch.diff

Did you send a patch, or did you send a code snippet that Calum had
to merge in manually?  Bad things happen when we don't use our tools


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