Re: ABSOLUTE THEMES INSANITY ON THE *CURRENT* DEFAULT THEME! It was a patch from Eugenia that I applied six months ago, that I said
I'd revert if people complained.

That's why my change was never visible on my updates of the gnome-themes package! Because you placed the code I sent you on the wrong theme so I never had a chance to see it! I sent you the patch for the "Default" theme (aka Raleigh in the Red Hat world), not for the "Simple" theme!

I can understand where the confusion started (having a theme called "Default" and yet not being the default theme of Gnome), but you could have reply to me to my email I sent you some months ago asking for the status of the change. I was clear that the change is for the "Default/Raleigh" theme, I even sent you a screenshot of it, I really don't know how it ended up on Simple.

Anyways, could you please remove the change from the Simple theme (which was not meant for) and place it on the "Default" theme instead?


ps.  This is obviously not a lucky day for me. :-(

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