Re: Default Theme Progress

> > Well, sorry Jeff, but this email pretty much says that that's the intention
> > and the action towards its realization:
> >
> I agree with Jeff here. When I read that story on osnews, my reaction
> was "What the fuck? Since when does _redhat_ decide which theme is going
> to be the default theme for gnome? They can decide the default gnome
> theme for redhat all they want, but they can't do that for gnome proper"
> I'm pretty sure other people felt that way too.
> I concur with Jeff that you have grossly misrepresented the facts.

This is not germane to the discussion, since Jeff does not need a "me
too". Please see:
. I know you have strong feelings you want to express, but please find
another venue. In this case, I would suggest posting a comment to the
OSNews article you object to. If you need to reply, please do so
off-list so we don't flood more hackers with mail.



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