Control center and capplet merging


I have read the wiki page ( )
on the rework of the desktop preferences dialogs. I'm going to have some
free time this summer and if there is the intention of doing it I could
work doing the merge. This evening I spent some time merging the font
and theme capplets into a single one.

I took me only one hour, as all that i did was merging the code of both
capplets and the glade file. There is no diferences, in the UI except
that the new capplet has two tabs. The screenshots can be found at .

If maintainers and usability experts think this is appropiate I can
continue merging capplets as suggested in the wiki page. I won't do the
ones that imply merging a capplet with a dialog from gnome-system-tools,
as we are too close to the deadline, for that work it might be better to
wait until Carlos has liboobs in shape.


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