Maintainership of gnome-common


The maintanence of gnome-common has been on the lax as of late. James
seems to be too busy or something, and I don't know what has happened to
Malcolm. He seems to just not reply at all to some bug reports.

However, there are some patches in bugzilla that need more
review/approval. I've given feedback on several bug reports.

A new release has also been requested on d-d-l within the past few
weeks, and it was stated that one would be made, but still no release
has happened yet.

Given these facts, and my inane ability to overextend myself and do evil
things with build systems, I would like to suggest that gnome-common
maintainership be moved to me. Or at least someone with the time to
read their bug mail, and go approve a patch, and make a release every
now and again.

If nobody complains in the next few days, I'm just going to take it
over, commit a patch or three, and make a release.

-- dobey

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