Re: Maintainership of gnome-common

On 25/07/05 14:33, Rodney Dawes wrote:

>The maintanence of gnome-common has been on the lax as of late. James
>seems to be too busy or something, and I don't know what has happened to
>Malcolm. He seems to just not reply at all to some bug reports.
>However, there are some patches in bugzilla that need more
>review/approval. I've given feedback on several bug reports.
>A new release has also been requested on d-d-l within the past few
>weeks, and it was stated that one would be made, but still no release
>has happened yet.
I've just uploaded a new release now.  Note that it is recommended to
build tarballs for upload on against the CVS version of
gnome-common though -- you are building your package from CVS so it
makes sense to have the most up to date gnome-common from CVS too.

As for bugs, I think we need to change the default owner (I've missed a
number of gnome-common bugs because the mail just goes to Malcolm). 
Would it be possible to create a gnome-common gnome bugs account that
multiple people could watch and use that as the default owner for
gnome-common bugs?

I'll put in some time to go over the open bugs when I get back from
Brazil next week (I don't have connectivity outside of office hours at
the moment).

>If nobody complains in the next few days, I'm just going to take it
>over, commit a patch or three, and make a release.
I'd oppose a takeover.


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