Re: [PATCH] make "Open Location" dialog multihead aware

On Sat, 2005-07-23 at 12:18 -0600, Elijah Newren wrote:

> Seems like Metacity ought to have that placement algorithm built in so
> nautilus and any other span-multiple-xinerama windows can just work
> (after all, Metacity is the one that chooses "center on parent"
> already anyway, and appears to already have code in that section to
> "clip to xinerama of parent" which is apparently something a little
> different than what you are proposing).  Even if we don't want to do
> this in general (e.g. may by problematic for windows that are half on
> one screen half on another but don't fully cover both screens), we
> could probably do this for at least _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DESKTOP
> windows. Havoc, sound reasonable? 

FWIW, it would seem that Sawfish is already doing something like this.
Is moving this placement code into metacity a good idea for the generic
case? If it's only useful for nautilus then keeping the code in Nautilus
allows us to control our positioning on any window manager.

It would seem to some that Metacity's placement on multihead setups is a
little confusing. As it already likes to place windows it can't parent
on the opposite monitor to the one with the mouse if there is more space
over there. This is interesting and warrants it's own discussion. What
is the correct behaviour in these circumstances, should we pop it up on
the same monitor as the currently focused window (useful for launching
from terminals) or the same window as the mouse. Some large applications
from ISVs need to span multiple monitors though. So metacity's placement
algorithm already makes sense.


Davyd Madeley
08B0 341A 0B9B 08BB 2118  C060 2EDD BB4F 5191 6CDA

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