ANNOUNCEMENT: Gnome-Doc-Utils Migration Guide

Heya hackers,

We've just written a guide to help you migrate your modules to
gnome-doc-utils, which will immensly help both documentors and

Just head straight over to:

The early winners are bug-buddy (which shaunm converted) and
gnome-panel (rock on vuntz!). chpe has been working on enlightening
the epiphany behind the scenes, and davyd is already convinced to make
g-d-u do the work for gnome-applets.

If you need any live help, you can find shaunm or danilo on IRC, but
I'm sure other guys with experience will be glad to help as well :)
(vuntz, chpe).

Worthy of mention is that if you switch your module, you'll get
doc translation statistics like those at:

(ok, they can be prettier, but that's not high priority yet :).


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