Many bugzilla keywords to be nuked soon

Hi all,

The number of keywords[1] in bugzilla is ridiculously huge making them
almost completely useless.  We've identified a few dozen to nuke as a
starting point in,
but thought we'd give people a chance to complain as there may be
reason to save a few of those.  If you find any that you want saved,
please add a comment in the bug report with your reasons.  In
particular, this may affect Evolution as most of the keywords were
created due to the Evo bug import (we may need to do some special
hackery with the status whiteboard or something for them; we can
dicuss that on bugzilla-devel-list or the bug report but we will
assume we don't need to if no one speaks up).  It would also be useful
if you can identify other keywords that are nukeable.

Note that for keywords to exist and be useful we need that they
- are not specific to any module or small set of modules
- are widely used for querying (using extra keywords to categorize
bugs, merely in
  order that they can be categorized more, isn't useful unless multiple people
  actively use those categories in searches)
- we expect them to continue to widely be used in the future (e.g.
something like
  "Gnome212blocker" wouldn't fly)

If people have other words/strings that they want to categorize and
search on that don't meet the above three requirements, the status
whiteboard can be used (the accessibility people have successfully
worked this way quite a bit).

Please take any follow ups to bugzilla-devel-list (my apologies that
gmail sucks and won't let me set reply-to AFAICT).

Elijah, Luis, and Olav


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