Re: Gnome Session Services Framework

Le mardi 19 juillet 2005 �2:03 +0100, Mark McLoughlin a �it :
> 1. Session Services vs. Session Managed Apps
> --------------------------------------------
>   The idea here is that the concept of "saving session state" has no
> relevance to most of the programs which are currently controlled by
> the session manager using XSMP. Most of the programs are parts of the
> core desktop which have no "session state"; the state of these
> programs are controlled entirely by user preferences.
>   The proposal is to coin a new term for these programs - "session
> services" - which sets them apart from applications which do have
> session state.
>   A simple way to think of this split would be to imagine if you could
> save a session in GNOME, log in to KDE and have your session
> restored. What state would you expect to be restored when you log in
> to KDE? e.g. you'd expect to the browser window to be re-opened with
> the web-pages you were looking at, but you'd expect the KDE panel to
> be run instead of the GNOME panel.

I like the Session Services idea. And maybe the session daemon could
also monitor those services and if one of them always crashes, propose
the user to log out. See for example


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