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Jonathan Blandford wrote:

danilo gnome org (Danilo Šegan) writes:

Yesterday at 12:56, Jonathan Blandford wrote:

Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> writes:

Do gpdf and ggv play well with gnopernicus and GOK? In other terms, if
evince does not work nicely with these tools, will it be a regression or
Neither of them export their content at all via ATK.  However, evince
basically uses stock GTK+ widgets so I would expect it to work just as
well with gok as any other GNOME application.
And will it be easier to add a11y support to evince?  I guess it
would, since it allows text search (so it can already make one
sequence out of text which will be more usable with gok/gnopernicus, I

If it's true, it would be another big reason to use evince, since it
would have better potential even in accessibility, and it would have
my vote.

It will be much easier to add a11y to poppler.  We just need someone to
find the time to do it.
"Easier" than what? Adding it to the old xpdf? Or adding it to closed-source acroread?

Getting the text out in the form of strings, which is already apparently feasible, is a first step, but more is needed, such as caret navigation, text layout info, and the ability to get the 'accessibility' info from a PDF file's markup (accessibility features were added to the PDF format around version 1.4). There does seem to be a feature-documentation problem with PDF as was inferred earlier.

Adobe is currently working on accessibility too, for their proprietary Linux acroread. In line with recent discussions, I certainly don't want to discourage them from doing this excellent work, though I agree that our free PDF reader should be accessible as well, and there are certainly accessibility advantages to working on an open source base too.




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