Re: proposed modules

danilo gnome org (Danilo Šegan) writes:

> Yesterday at 12:56, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> > Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> writes:
> >
> >> Do gpdf and ggv play well with gnopernicus and GOK? In other terms, if
> >> evince does not work nicely with these tools, will it be a regression or
> >> not?
> >
> > Neither of them export their content at all via ATK.  However, evince
> > basically uses stock GTK+ widgets so I would expect it to work just as
> > well with gok as any other GNOME application.
> And will it be easier to add a11y support to evince?  I guess it
> would, since it allows text search (so it can already make one
> sequence out of text which will be more usable with gok/gnopernicus, I
> think).
> If it's true, it would be another big reason to use evince, since it
> would have better potential even in accessibility, and it would have
> my vote.

It will be much easier to add a11y to poppler.  We just need someone to
find the time to do it.


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