Some thoughts about-me (not *me* me) [Was: the about-me capplet]

<quote who="Matthias Clasen">

> - is a bit heavy on work-related fields. I mean, who really wants to
>   know about my assistant (if I had one) ?
> - the "Personal Info" tab looks intimidating with all those long
>   entries

> - it was not immediately clear to me what kind of data I am expected
>   to enter in the "Calendar" field
> - why is the ui so different from the contact editor in evolution,
>   do we need two different uis for essentially the same task, or could
>   we just open the contact editor here ? Admittedly, the contact editor 
>   has its own ui issues...

Hmm, this really suggests to me that opening the Evolution contact editor
for all of the complicated stuff [1] is a good idea, and saves time by
letting us fix just one thing. :-)

[1] Say, pretty much everything outside gecos fields, email addresses and IM
accounts? Don't think this is a very current screenshot, but perhaps shaping
it around the very sexy c-l-a dialogues would be a good idea?

I might write up some stuff in the wiki for ideas.

- Jeff

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