Re: Application/System Tools vs System/Administration

On 7/12/05, Ed Mack <lists edmack com> wrote:
> > Click-to-focus-and-raise is a legacy feature.
> >
> > Copy-on-select and middle mouse button paste _is_ extremely useful,
> > specially combined with focus-follows-mouse.
> >
> > Statements like yours always seem, to me, like those of a Windows
> > fan-boy...
> How about just putting these unix oddities together into a preference
> capplet linked via an advanced button somewhere? Really they shouldn't
> take up space in the control panel at all since the large majority of
> users will never wish to change them or look for them.

Right, that's kind of what Alex, Rob, Havoc (via comment on Bugzilla
that I linked to earlier in the thread), perhaps others I missed, and
I were all suggesting in one form or another.  Personally, I like
Alex's variation the best--just throw it all into another package that
isn't installed by default so it quits cluttering the menus.


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