Re: xscreensaver, any plan do drop it !!

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, David Zeuthen wrote:

> There's also the (somewhat uninteresting) question of what to do when
> there are no desktop sessions, e.g. what piece gets to enforce the
> policy that the system should be put into low-power mode (and where does
> it read settings from?)? I'm mostly of the opinion that we launch the
> policy enforcing daemons (e.g. gnome-volume-manager, gnome-power) with a
> --no-display option as user e.g. nobody (which makes them read default

Will this be possible with the new session framework?

> settings from gconf) from gdm when there are no sessions. This is also
> somewhat OS/distro specific.
> Ideally we would have a per-session daemon with a D-BUS interface with
> method bool isOnConsole() and signal onConsoleChange(bool isOnConsole)
> that our policy-enforcing bits can listen on. We need some guards /
> check points to prevent race conditions when switching sessions (need to
> ensure session A gives up all devices before session B attempts to
> acquire them) though so my guess is that the interface would need to be
> slightly more complicated.
> Where would be the best place for this interface to live? My thinking
> right now is gnome-screensaver. What do you think?

This would make things like gnome-volume-manager, which you mention
above, depend on gnome-screensaver, so IMHO that would not be the right
place. I have systems with for example gnome-volume-manager installed,
but no screensaver (neither xscreensaver gnome-screensaver).

> > How do HAL and power-manager handle the situation where more
> > than one user is logged in to the console via gdmflexiserver?
> hal isn't really concerned with the desktop session and only reports
> events about the local system and attached devices. I think that
> gnome-power right now ignores the issue of multiple sessions all
> together.


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