Re: xscreensaver, any plan do drop it !!

Hi David,

David Zeuthen wrote:
1. How do see this being integrated with power management solutions like
e.g. the existing gnome-power project and some of the ideas that were
discussed at GUADEC [1]?

This is certainly the next step. Up until now I have been concentrating mostly on feature parity with xscreensaver.

There is some overlap between gnome-power, gnome-screensaver, gdm, and the fast-user-switch applet. We need to make sure they are all in concert. Perhaps a new mail list is in order on which to discuss these issues (gnome-power-list)?

A few initial thoughts. We need to make a distinction between system idle and session idle. We need to make screen power management work sensibly with user switching where the session doesn't own the physical monitor. In that sense, gnome-screensaver and xscreensaver get it wrong I think. How do HAL and power-manager handle the situation where more than one user is logged in to the console via gdmflexiserver?

We also need to turn off screensaver themes when the system is running on battery power.

> 2. How does this integrate with fast-user switching?

I have a copy of the fast-user-switch-applet code in gnome-screensaver. Currently, it isn't being used up to it's potential. It could be used to create a list of current users right in the unlock dialog.

At the moment, if you don't have the fast-user-switch-applet on your panel then gnome-screensaver's user switching isn't very useful. There shouldn't be any "dead-ends".

There is a lot to discuss :)


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