Re: Switching between Windows.

thanks james,
but my application already runs in full screen mode in target pc also.
the problem is i cant switch to another application windows by using alt+tab key - my application is always on top of other windows.
But it is possible on Turbo Linux(has motif wm) - in full screen mode i can switch to other applications using alt+tab key.
so please let me know what could be the problem with my target pc.
my target pc has motif window manager.

James Henstridge <james jamesh id au> wrote:
Rajendrakumar Malode wrote:

> Hi,
> I am developing a desktop application for Linux using C and XLib
> functions.
> My application always runs in full screen mode(no caption bar and
> window decoration).
> My requirement is I should be able to switch to other application
> windows by pressing alt+tab key.
> It works fine on Turbo Linux in both KDE and GNOME.
> But the problem is with Redhat Linux with only GNOME. - Im not able to
> switch to other application windows by using alt+tab key.
> My target PC has Redhat8.0 + Timesys 4.1 and has only GNOME.
> Im attaching the code here..Please help me to fix the problem.
You need to set the "fullscreen" window manager hint on
your window:

This hint should work for Gnome, KDE, and any other window manager that
implements the spec.


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