Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users

<quote who="Dan Winship">

> > Sure, and that's why basically everything but gnome-about is going to be
> > doubly icky in some way. If we somehow convince ourselves this is not
> > appropriate in gnome-about, it's not going to be appropriate anywhere,
> > and we should just give up. But that's pissweak. :-)
> The user won't understand the question, regardless of where we put it.  So
> if we're asking because we care about the answer, then no, it's not
> appropriate anywhere, because we're not going to get useful answers. And
> if we don't care about the answer, then it's not appropriate anywhere
> either, because we're basically lying to the user in that case.

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What question are we asking? :-)

- Jeff

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