Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users

<quote who="Eric Larson">

> > I've been advocating a simple enter-your-email-we-won't-spam-you form 
> I can't imagine any casual system will provide very reliable data so why
> worry about an email address.

It's a unique identifier, and we could offer to contact them *very* rarely
about new releases, etc.

> If it is the first time a person starts gnome, maybe ask them to let us
> know they are running gnome.

The first time a (real) person starts GNOME, they're using a version
delivered by their distributor or system administrator, neither of whom are
interested in interrupting their user with "irrelevant" stuff about GNOME.

> Another option would be something like a "I am a GNOME" campaign or
> something where users can really take the time to support gnome and let us
> know how many people are running it.

Yes, this is basically what the FoG idea at the end of my mail boils down
to, and precisely what the gnome-about form could offer. "Love GNOME? Join
the Friends of GNOME gang!"

- Jeff

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